Foreign Filing Roundup

Happy Friday! Here are the latest foreign filing headlines from the week of September 1st:

  • Trademarks, like patents, are territorial. Read on to see what every business should know about trademark “squatting” in China. 
  • Germany is preparing for Oktoberfest, where 6 million people will descend on Munich in 16 days! See what patented inventions help this event go off without a hitch each year. 
  • Patent filing in Singapore has jumped more than 20% in the last 10 years, from 7,908 in 2003 to 9,722, debunking the notion that the process is expensive among small and medium-sized enterprises.  
  • inovia news: We will be attending the 2014 IPO Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia next week.  Please get in contact with us or stop by Booth 203 if you’ll also be at the conference!

As always, thanks for reading! We will see you back here next week.  Please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @inoviaIP. 


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