Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!  As the summer is slowly winding down here in New York City, we have been busy gathering the latest headlines in foreign patent filing news for your consideration.  Please check out what has been going on in the Intellectual Property world for the week of August 26th:

  • Many industry leaders including Apple, HP, and Samsung have become the three most frequent targets of patent trolls.  However, as this article explains, 63% of the suits filed targeted firms with less than $100 million in revenue. 
  •  The New York Times recently published this article, a great resource for this individuals just starting to consider patenting their invention.
  •  The first major overhaul of the New Zealand patent system in 60 years was finalized, as the Patents Bill passed its final reading by 117 votes to 4 in Parliament on Wednesday.
  •  Although many argue that patent trolls are to blame for the increase in patent legislation over the last few years, Non-practicing entities account for only 20% of patent litigation according to this report.
  • In other country specific news, China is expected to increase damages for trademark infringement to about half a million dollars.

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