Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Good morning readers!  As summer draws to a close, September is already off to a busy start here in our New York Office.  For your consideration, we have been gathering the latest headlines in foreign patent filing news for the week of September 2nd:

  • Many may not be aware that companies have been patenting gestures for up to two decades.  Check out this article that shows 10 physical moves that have been patented (some may surprise you!)
  • Although it seems there will be many cost and efficiency advantages to the European Unitary Patent system, this article looks at what possible drawbacks the new plan may yield.
  •  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced that they will host the Second Anniversary Forum of the American Invents Act on September 16th. 
  • In country-specific news, Japan has decided to introduce a new registration system allowing businesses to trademark sounds, colors, and moving images. 

Thank you for checking out this week’s compilation of foreign filing topics.  To stay up to date on all IP related news, please follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP.  Have a great weekend!


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