Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Happy Friday!  As fall rolls in and the days become chillier here in New York City, we have gathered the latest headlines in foreign patent filing news below:

  • Currently, the two most popular venues for filing patent lawsuits are in the District of Delaware and the Eastern District of Texas.  These districts account for 45% of total patent lawsuits, as many believe their procedures are more favorable to plaintiffs.
  • Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning recently called out letters sent by a law firm to businesses in his state as deceptive, unfair and coercive.  He has since declared war on patent trolls and publicly stated that “we will not be deterred from protecting Nebraska consumers and businesses by the bully tactics of patent trolling law firms or their clients.”
  • As economies in countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China boom, this article looks at how these BRIC countries will have a heavier influence over the patent processes in the United States and Europe. 
  • WIPO recently added China’s patent collection to PATENTSCOPE, increasing the database to 34 national and regional patent collections.

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