Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hello everyone! We are wrapping up this week with a look at the best foreign filing news from around the world:

  • Denmark is set to vote this fall or winter on joining the Unified Patent Court.  However, resistance is forming amid the Danish People’s Party and the semi-communist Red-Green Alliance.
  • The effect of the patent cliff in Ireland has prevented economic growth throughout the country.  As the economy has stalled, a number of pharmaceutical companies have seen their patents expire, depleting the value of Ireland’s exports.
  • A group of law students have teamed with the App Developers Alliance to launch the Law School Patent Troll Defense Network.
  • During the government shutdown, please find information about the USPTO’s operations status here

Have a terrific weekend and please be sure to check back next week for more updates.  Also, follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP!


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