Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

It was a relatively quiet week in terms of foreign filing/patent law news, but there were a few interesting announcements. 

Here’s our recap:

  • USPTO progress – the number of patent applications awaiting first office action dipped under 700,000 in June.
  • This week the Business Journal published its annual list of the top life science patent recipients.  The top 5 are: Elan Corp. PLC (160 patents), Cytokinetics Inc. (155), Hoffman-La Roche Ltd./Genentech Inc. (153), Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (Abbott Vascular) (142), and Agilent Technologies (129).
  • The patent reform bill (America Invents Act) is stalled in the U.S. Senate due to the debt ceiling talks.
  • The EPO and SPTO will work together to strengthen IP protection in Latin America.

Did we miss any news from your jurisdiction?  If so, please share it below. 


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