Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hi everyone, here’s a look at the foreign filing/patent law news from the week of January 16, 2012:

  • The USPTO issued a report on their study of international patent protection for small businesses.  The findings are not news to us, but reiterate that international patenting costs are often substantial.  As a result, small businesses may not be obtaining international patent protection as frequently as large companies.  Read our blog article on the topic or download the full report here.
  • The Patentology blog posted a good overview of disclosure grace periods around the world.
  • Our friends at Technology Transfer Tactics posted a great case study on how the BYU Technology Transfer Office cut foreign filing costs through fixed-fee negotiations and, in turn, are able to file more patent applications each year.  This is music to our ears!  Paying low, fixed fees for foreign filing is one of the main tenets of our business.  We work with a number of universities who have been able to achieve this and also have streamlined their internal processes by using our foreign filing platform.
  • Is accelerated examination at the USPTO worth it?  IPWatchdog takes a look.
  • Applications filed with the EPO were up 3% in 2011.  Filings from the U.S. decreased, while filings from Japan and China increased.  Get more EPO filing stats here.

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