Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hello to everyone! Take a look at the latest foreign filing/patent law news for the last week of March:

  • On the America Invents Act (AIA): How the “first-to-file” system will benefit your company.
  • Who’s number one? Take a look at the “Top 5: Fastest Growing Patenting Companies in Europe” via Article One Partners Blog.
  • More cool technology from Apple on the horizon: 3D imaging patent for iPhone and iPad.
  • Official EPO fees will increase by about 5% beginning April 1st.
  • inovia news: It’s an exciting time for us here, as we’ve aligned with Startup America, an organization dedicated to entrepreneurship and the success of high-growth enterprises.

Be sure to check back in to our blog early next week, as we are gearing up to publish the results of our 2012 U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Survey, an annual survey conducted by inovia to assess the impact of the U.S. economy on global IP strategy.


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