Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Happy Friday everyone! Take a look at the foreign filing/patent news from the week of April 16th:

  • The EPO recently published its first “Handbook of quality procedures before the EPO” which will serve as a preferred practices guide for patentees and companies in order to strengthen communications between parties.
  • Interesting read on the high cost of patenting and how it relates to the small business owner: “Why Startups Should Pay Attention to Skyrocketing Patent Prices” via TechCrunch.
  •  A recent report released by the USPTO shows that the joint efforts of the UKIPO and USPTO in the last year have contributed to reduced backlog and a more efficient patent examination process.
  • The “Innovator’s Patent Agreement” introduced by Twitter earlier this week has sparked a great deal of controversy in the intellectual property community.
  • inovia news: Next week, inovia will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary! Stay tuned for a press release to come.

If you are a startup or independent inventor, inovia has plenty of free educational resources available on the foreign patent filing process. For a personalized consultation about your patent application, feel free to contact our Senior Patent Attorney, Jeff Shieh.


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