Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hello everybody! Here at inovia, we celebrate innovation year-round, but this month is of particular importance as it is National Inventors Month. Started in 1998 by the United Inventors Association of the USA, this month-long event serves as a time to recognize creativity, entrepreneurship, and the real contributions that inventors make in our world.

Image Source: EdisonNation

According to WIPO’s World Intellectual Property Indicators 2011,1.98 million patent applications were filed globally in 2010, with roughly 225,000 U.S. patents granted. Last month, the USPTO published a report showing that IP-related industries have contributed trillions of dollars and over 40 million jobs to the U.S. economy in 2010 alone. Intellectual property filings have spiked in the last few decades and we are seeing firsthand the importance of innovation and IP protection as it relates to the global economy.

This week’s Foreign Filing Roundup is dedicated to those people who work in the forefront of innovation. Here at inovia, we feel that National Inventors Month supports the importance of work we do each day.

  •  In Praise of Irrational Innovators argues how the fanaticism that some inventors possess can be their strongest asset.
  •  Are you an innovator? Jeffrey Phillips of Innovate on Purpose lists 7 qualities that will help you answer this question.
  •  America, the land of entrepreneurs: 6.5 million new U.S. businesses were created in 2011.
  •  Rube Goldberg Machines are some of the most exciting to create and the most fascinating to see in action. Check out this article on the man behind these devices, which influence young inventors to this day.

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