Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hello everyone! Here’s a look at the foreign filing/patenting news from the week of July 2nd:

  • As part of a larger effort to spur economic development and increase American innovation, The U.S. Commerce Department has officially named the four locations that will act as regional patent offices under the USPTO.
  • According to INSEAD’s Global Innovation Index, the United States ranks only #10 amongst the “top innovators”, with Switzerland claiming the number one spot.
  • As of July 1st, the consolidated text of the  “Regulations under the PCT” have now been made available in Arabic, German and Russian by WIPO. Check out more PCT resource updates here.
  •  While the specifics of Europe’s unitary patent court are still being worked out, many are weighing in on the effect that this change could have on business and the global economy at large.
  • A recent analysis shows that universities are not being vigilant about paying their patent maintenance fees, most likely due to intentional abandonment of under-performing IP assets.

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