Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hi everybody! Take a look at the latest in foreign filing/patenting news for the week of September 10th:

  • The newest rule to be implemented under the America Invents Act will ensure that the first person to file a patent application is the true inventor.
  • Moving To A Single European Patent System: One practitioner sheds some light on the highly anticipated unified patent system and what it could mean for Europe’s patent owners.
  • The USPTO’s David Kappos delivers a progress report on the newly appointed satellite offices, laying out what regional entrepreneurs can expect in the coming months.
  • Intellectual property leaders from all over China gathered in Beijing this week for the SIPO-hosted “Patent Information Annual Conference” to discuss national foreign patent strategy, among other topics.

Stay advised on the America Invents Act as changes to the patent process continue to unfold. Click here to browse our AIA archive. Enjoy your weekend!


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