Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Hi everyone! We fared the storm last week and are excited to bring you another roundup of the latest in foreign filing news:

  • WIPO has announced some new PCT-PPH pilot programs over the last few weeks. Read more>
  • One of the newest cases to reach the U.S. Supreme Court may convince many trademark holders to rethink future litigation suits.
  • In light of our recent election, we enjoyed browsing some of the patents that have shaped the way Americans vote over the years.
  • China and innovation: One man describes the many, many myths associated with Chinese intellectual property.

inovia news

  • We are very proud to announce that we’ve added direct (Paris Convention) filing to our service suite. Read the full press release>
  • We’re co-hosting a CLE event with Levenfeld Pearlstein in Chicago next week and we’d love to have you! Click here for more information.

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