Get Fearless and Go Global With Your Podcast
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Get Fearless and Go Global With Your Podcast

Once upon a time, there was the award-winning campaign “Be more Dog”, now the time has come for you to “Be more Pod”.

Podcasting is a great way for brands to tell their story, and one of the best instruments used in marketing today.

Not only can they be used to captivate an audience and encourage followers, they can create a buzz around your products, information and services.

Businesses are now starting to take another step forward by providing their Podcasts in different languages. By introducing subtitles or voice-over to a Podcast you are starting to communicate internationally…. and potentially opening the door to many new opportunities.

Not only does a Podcast bring your brand closer to your customers but also provides you with a great opportunity to connect with your own employees. You can create podcasts for employee training, sharing information, bringing together your global locations and even showcasing your operations.

At RWS, this is a service we have seen grow rapidly over the past year couple of years, and we have already encouraged many of our clients take that step.  With our translation experience, technology and creativity we can help you find your global voice…and “Be more Pod”.