Industry Updates from WIPO’s PCT Newsletter

Hi everyone! Each month, we comb through WIPO’s PCT Newsletter to share the latest news affecting the international patent system. As always, there are several country-specific rules, fee changes and patent office notifications to report. You can check out some of these updates below:

Poland (PL)

As of October 2013, any patent attorney registered to practice before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland may act as an agent.

International Bureau (IB)

As from January 1st, 2014, there will be the following fee changes payable to the IB as a receiving office:

  • Transmittal fee: EUR 81, USD 111

  • Priority document: USD 55

San Marino (SM)

The following are all changes as of November 2013:

  • Transmittal fee: EUR 70

  • New requirement for entry into PCT national phase: three copies of the translation of the international application must be provided to the receiving office.

  • Change of mailing/email address:

Via 28 Luglio, 212

47893 Borgo Maggiore, B4

San Marino

United States (US)

On March 19th, 2013, the USPTO’s new fee structure went into effect, which gave significant cost savings to “micro entities”. Some of these changes included reductions for filing the application, additional claims, renewal fees, and provisionals.

At the start of 2014, the following additional reductions will be extended to small entities (if the action is carried out by the UPSTO as the receiving office): transmittal fee, international search and international preliminary examination. The equivalent amounts for these new fees can be found in WIPO’s PCT Fee Tables.

New PCT Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) will begin a PCT-PPH pilot program at the start of 2014. For applicants, this means they can request to fast track the examination of their patent in the first office if the second office finds at least one patentable claim in their application. Click here for a current list of PPH programs around the world.

Finally, WIPO did a redesign of the PCT portion of their website! You can check that out at And as always, if we missed any important updates, please share them below!


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