Industry Updates from WIPO’s PCT Newsletter

Good afternoon, readers. Each month, we look through WIPO’s PCT Newsletter to find the most important updates facing the international patent system:

Electronic Filing & Processing of International Applications
• The total number of receiving Offices which accept ePCT-Filings is now five, with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office joining the list.
• It is important to note that ePCT-Filing can be accessed only via a ePCT private services, which requires the creation of a WIPO user account authenticated with a digital certificate.
European Patent Office: Launching a new feature for eOLF users
• The EPO notified the International Bureau (IB) that on April 22, 2014 it launched a new feature of the EPO Online Filing software (eOLF).
• Further information is available on the EPO’s website here.

PCT Information Updates:
AP African Regional Intellectual Property Organization
• Please note they have discontinued the use of the following email address: Please use
AU Australia (means of telecommunication)
• The Australian Patent Office will no longer accept the filing of documents via fax as of June 5, 2014
CN China (special requirements for entry into the national phase)
• The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China has removed the requirements for the furnishing of a translation of the international application in two copies.
IT Italy (number of copies required; fees; who can act as agent)
• There has been a change in the amount of the fee for priority document, payable to the Office as follows:
o Request to prepare the priority document – EUR 16
o plus, for every four pages or fraction of four pages (description, claims, abstract, drawings, filing certificate and certificate of authenticity) – EUR 16
o plus, for a patent application – EUR 7
o or, for a utility model application – EUR 5

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