Top 5 Influential Voting Patents on Election Day

In honor of election day, check out the most significant voting mechanisms from the past 150 years via the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We’ve narrowed the list down to the top 5 most influential patents of the bunch:

#5 – Patent no. 248,130 (October 11, 1881) – This nifty gadget prevented ballot stuffing:

Voting Aparatus
#4 – Patent no. 628,905 (July 11, 1899) – Issued as a machine that pulled a curtain around the voter:

curtain machine two

#3 – Patent no. 2,054,102 (September 13, 1936) – A voting machine patent that included more than 24 drawings in its original draft:

#2 – Patent no. 440,545 (November 11, 1890) – Issued at the end of the 1890s to Kennedy Dougan as a ballot holder that had a roll of paper which allowed voters to make a perforation for a candidate:

440000 2
#1 – Patent no. 4,025,040 (May 24, 1977) – One of the most important voting mechanisms of the last century, this machine had a punch card attachment which made a recording of each choice for computer counting:
Number 1

To take a look at the entire list of voting processes, click here. Also, as a friendly reminder, get out and vote today!!


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