inovia Launches Direct Filing Service – Part 1 of 3

When inovia was founded 10 years ago (then known as PCTFILER), we offered PCT national phase entry into a handful of countries.  Over the years, our agent network has grown (now covering 100+ countries) and we’ve expanded our service offering (European validationpatent translations, US trademark search and registration).  Earlier this week we added a new service to the platform based on your demand: direct (Paris Convention) filing

If you’re a registered user, you’ll notice a difference in the dashboard screen the next time you login.  You now have the option of getting a 1-click quote for PCT national phase entry and European validation, or you can get an instant quote for direct filing.  An instant quote for direct filing will return the same information you’re used to (agent, government and translation fees itemized by country); however, we just need to collect some information from you upfront (12 month due date, no. of claims, etc.) since this information is not publicly available.

If you’re not currently registered for, please take a minute to create a free account so you can check the quoting tool out for yourself. 

Next: in Part 2 of this series, we’ll discuss the Paris Convention and provide information on the direct filing process.


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