“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.”
– Bruce Wayne, CEO & Chairman, Wayne Enterprises

I was doing my weekly skim of the blogosphere and one particular article caught my eye. has declared June “Startup Month” on its Entrepreneurs Channel and has invited expert contributors to share their personal stories and practical advice about launching a business.

To get into the spirit I wanted to recount some of my personal perspectives on startups gained during the inovia journey (which we’ve talked about recently here and here).

It almost goes without saying that startups are critically important to the economy. They are the engine of job creation and, according to US Census Bureau statistics, “accounted for all of the net job growth in the USA between 1980 and 2005”.

Moreover, intellectual property (IP) is vitally important to startups. The Startup Genome Project is an ambitious research project that aims to map, model and analyze what makes startups tick, what helps them succeed and why many of them fail. In their first report (Ed. note: signup required) they identified IP as one of the top sources of competitive advantages for startups as they seek to progress through the first four stages of the lifecycle of a startup (Discovery, Validation, Efficiency and Scale).

Sadly, even with globalization, startups still face significant challenges in acquiring, maintaining, and enforcing their IP. Principal among those challenges is the often prohibitive cost of registering and maintaining a patent around the world (see our press release in support of the findings of the USPTO’s Report to Congress on International Patent Protection for Small Businesses).

Here at inovia we love startups…heck we are one (!) and we continue to wear that badge with pride. Startups are the real ‘super heroes’ of our community (minus the secret identity!) making the impossible…possible. Startups were the early adopters of the inovia service and remain one of our core market segments.

So far we’ve created a dedicated Small Business Solutions Team and are a proud partner of the Startup America Partnership, but we want to do more to ramp up our support of startups. So, we’ve put on our thinking caps and have come up with a special offer:

Every startup that shares this article on Twitter along with hashtag #inoviaFrequentFiler will receive a 10% discount off of our service fees on their next order with inovia.

So get tweeting and get your Startup Month off to the best possible start!


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