inovia Settles Patent Dispute

We recently announced that we’ve settled a patent infringement dispute with IP Monitor Pty Ltd, the operator of a foreign patent filing platform.  We came to a mutually acceptable resolution yesterday, September 9, 2014. 

As a part of the resolution of this dispute, IP Monitor Pty Ltd agreed to shut down any foreign filing platform which infringes on our patents and published a statement on its website acknowledging the infringement. In light of the fact that IP Monitor Pty Ltd was unaware of the breadth of our patent portfolio, we agreed to refrain from seeking damages for infringement. 

“inovia has spent the past 12 years and tens of millions of dollars building a business around our patented foreign filing technology. We will not tolerate patent infringement from competitors.” Justin Simpson, founder of inovia said.

“We think we have the best systems available, and love sharing them with other IP service providers via our licensing and integration programs. However, we have over 50 patents and patent applications around the world, focusing on various aspects of our foreign filing platform – and we are prepared to enforce our intellectual property against any company who violates those patents.”

Details of our entire patent portfolio can be found here. For more information about this, please contact VP of Marketing, Ginny Riemer here


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