IP Trends Indicator Released

Good afternoon! Earlier this week we released our annual report, the 2016 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator. Now in its seventh year, the Indicator is a go-to resource for identifying the trends having the greatest impact on the foreign filing strategies of patentees around the world. 

The survey was conducted in May 2016 and includes responses from over 100 companies and universities in the United States and Europe. The IP Indicator has become a benchmark report in the patent industry, providing insight and guidance for those looking to file internationally. To download the complete report, click here.

Key findings from our 2016 Indicator included: 

  • Alice Corp v. CLS Bank Ruling: In 2015, fallout from the Alice ruling was noted as a dominating issue for patent applicants. Two years ago, the US Supreme Court ruled on the patent eligibility of software related inventions, declaring abstract ideas ineligible for prosecution. Survey respondents noted this issue as affecting their ongoing business strategies.
  • PCT dominant method of filing: Over 97% of respondents used the PCT for some or all of their filing needs compared to filing via the Paris Convention route. Most users discussed the cost benefit analysis that goes into making the decision: the PCT is more cost effective for large patent families and the Paris Convention route if only one country is in consideration.
  • USPTO most used International Search Authority: 64% of respondents used the United States Patent & Trademark Office as an International Search Authority (ISA) to perform a search of the prior art for their patent. The European Patent Office and Korean IP Office were the second and third most frequently used offices respectively.
  • IP budgets remained consistent: For the past three years, the same percentage of respondents have been working on reduced IP budgets in 2015 (31%). 40% of respondents were not affected by cuts and in 18% of cases, budgets actually increased in 2015.

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