May Training in CA and Updates from PCT Learning Center

Our friends at the PCT Learning Center are hosting two upcoming seminars, one in La Jolla, CA, May 9-10 and another in Santa Ana/Irvine, CA, May 11-12.  These are approved for 10.75 hours of CA MCLE credits.

As we mentioned yesterday, the USPTO’s operations are going to be severely scaled back or delayed due to the budget compromise passed by Congress.  Among these will be the elimination of outsourcing of PCT Chapter I international search report (ISR) and written opinion (WO) preparation.  Since virtually all ISR/WO work is now done by outside contractors, and the USPTO is suspending patent examiner hiring and overtime, there is the likelihood of delays in the completion of Chapter I work.

US PCT applicants have several options for International Searching Authorities other than the US.  These are KR, EP, AU, and shortly RU.  To help ensure timeliness of the ISR/WO work, it might be worthwhile to look to these other ISAs.  As part of the PCT Learning Center’s Comprehensive PCT Seminars, they have a module explaining the positive and negative aspects of each of these ISAs.  David Reed, who has vast experience in this area, presents this module from the perspective of a PCT user.

Other Updates

1.  The EPO recently restructured the PCT portion of its website.

2.  Be aware that some companies are sending fake notices regarding payment of PCT fees, which are NOT related to the International Bureau of WIPO.

3. The WIPO April release of the PCT-SAFE client is now available, which includes the modified signature functionality for EFS-Web filers.  Download the SAFE/EPS-Web user guide for more information.

Thanks again to Gary Smith, Managing Director of the PCT Learning Center, for these important updates.


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