Middle Eastern Intellectual Property News – December 2012

Our friends at Saba & Co. IP release a monthly bulletin highlighting intellectual property news in the Middle East. As the longest-established IP firm in the region, Saba is well versed in the area’s many filing jurisdictions. Here’s a look at some of the latest industry developments found in their December issue:

Patent Developments

  • Qatar, one of the region’s newest members of the PCT, began accepting both local and national phase applications earlier this year.
  • The Patent Office of Saudi Arabia accepted its first electronic application this past March.
  • Syria implemented a new set of official fees this past spring, as well as new regulations for patent protection.
  • The Omani Patent Office has begun formal examination on all pending patent applications, a task that was delayed since the introduction of new patent law regulations in 2008.

Trademark Developments

  • Iran now requires that a commercial extract be submitted with the application, in addition to the power of attorney, a copy of the priority document and I5 prints of the mark.
  • The Lebanese Trademark Office shifted to the 10th (newest) edition of the Nice International Classification for Goods and Services.
  • Libya has begun examination on all pending applications and, for the first time in over 30 years, is issuing trademark certificates of registration to applicants.

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