New countries added to the inovia agent network

To keep up with our clients’ needs, we’ve been busy adding several new countries and agents to our global network. Here is a recap of what we’ve added in the last few months:

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New countries


Algeria is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and has a 31 month national stage entry deadline. Saba & Co., who currently handles national phase entries into Egypt for our clients, will cover Algeria. 


Argentina is not a PCT member, but is party to the Paris Convention, which allows applicants to file in Argentina within 12 months of their priority date. Our clients’ filings into Argentina will be handled by Moeller IP Advisors, a firm with over 80 years of experience providing IP services throughout Latin America.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a PCT member and has a 31 month deadline. Bufete Mejia & Asociados, who is currently our agent for filings in Belize, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Honduras, will now handle PCT national stage filings in Costa Rica. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not technically a PCT or Paris Convention member; however, applicants can file there within 6 months from the publication of a corresponding application into one of three patent offices: 1) the State Intellectual Property Office of China, 2) the European Patent Office, or 3) the United Kingdom Patent Office. We have added Eagle IP Limited to our network for filings in Hong Kong.


Morocco is a PCT member and has a 31 month national stage entry deadline. Saba & Co. is our agent for filings in Morocco. 


Taiwan is not technically a member of the Paris Convention; however, priority claims are recognized for applicants from all WTO-member countries. We welcome Giant Group International Patent Trademark & Law Office to our agent network as our representative in Taiwan.

New agents

While we have historically had a one-agent-per-country model, we have added additional agents in certain jurisdictions to ensure adequate coverage for our clients. Recently, we have added the following agents to our network:

Barzanò & Zanardo joins Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi in Italy. Barzanò & Zanardo, established in 1878, is a leading firm in the Intellectual Property consultancy field. The firm currently has six offices throughout Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin, Vicenza, Biella and Rimini), which are strategically located in order to meet clients’ needs for Intellectual Property advice and assistance.

J. ISERN PATENTES Y MARCAS, S.L. joins Herrero & Asociados in Spain. J. Isern Patentes y Marcas is one of Europe’s leading Intellectual Property firms with over 85 years of experience in Patent and Trademark protection. With headquarters in Barcelona and 11 regional offices, the firm has succeeded in obtaining a balance between experience and effort performed by a large team of professionals who are equipped with the most advanced technology.

Nederlandsch Octrooibureau (NLO) joins Allied Patents in Belgium and the Netherlands. NLO is one of the larger European firms providing specialist advice in the field of intellectual property in all its aspects for more than 120 years. NLO’s goal is to enter into and maintain long term relationships with its clients by combining high quality expertise with an effective and client-focused approach.

Plougmann & Vingtoft A/S joins Protector Intellectual Property Consultants in Norway. Plougmann & Vingtoft, established in 1967, is one of the leading Danish firms offering intellectual property consulting within patents, trademarks and design with a commercial and strategic focus.

With all of these changes, the inovia agent network now spans 114 countries (with more to come)!  You can learn more about the countries we cover and the agents we work with on our website

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