Patent filing news from China

Our inovia agent in China, AFD China Intellectual Property, has sent us two interesting news updates on patent examination quality and filing of IPR criminal cases:

SIPO survey shows patent examination quality improved

Results of a recent SIPO survey show that patent examination quality in 2009 increased over the prior year in China, by both ‘correctness of examination’ and ‘examination efficiency’ measures.  Notably, the examination efficiency of PCT applications entering national phase was also assessed:  85.7% of interviewees said the first office action issued by SIPO was received no later than those issued by the US, Japanese or European IP offices.

China lowers threshold for filing IPR criminal cases

On May 18th, new standards on filing and prosecution for 85 kinds of economic criminal cases were issued. It lowered the  filing and prosecution standards on intellectual property cases involving infringement of two or more patents, to 100,000+ yuan turnover or 50,000+ yuan illegal gains. It also included a new provision for filing and prosecuting cases of counterfeiting just one patent, with 200,000+ yuan illegal turnover.

As we’ve previously noted, this is more good news coming from China, showing their desire to strengthen both the SIPO and local IPR measures.


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