Patent Translations

As we alluded to in our last blog post, the cost of translation work can be a crippling factor when it comes to seeking patent protection.   When looking to outsource your translation work, you should remember that translating your claims is just as important as drafting them and should only be left to experts.

Here at inovia, we are pleased to announce iptranslator — our new patent translation product offering to support foreign filing.  

What sets us apart from other translation firms is our “double certification” methodology: (1) each patent application is translated by a native speaker who is skilled in the relevant technical field and then (2) the translation is reviewed and approved by a local patent attorney.  

Already used in conjunction with our PCT national phase entry and European validation products, we have been doing expert IP translations for over 8 years and have translated over 20 million words into 41 languages.  


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