PCT Applications – Top National Stage Countries for 2010

With 2010 in the books, we decided to take a look back at which countries were the most popular national stage destinations for our clients in the past year. 

inovia ranked 4th last year in PCT national stage entries, according to a Managing IP report in October 2010.  Here’s the breakdown of where our clients filed last year:

1.    China – 12%

2.    Canada – 10%

3.    Japan – 9%

4.    India, Australia, Brazil and Europe – 8% each

5.    South Korea – 6%

6.    Mexico and Russia – 5%

[Note that roughly 75% of our clients are US-based companies and/or their outside counsel, so the US itself does not rank as a foreign filing destination.]

Some interesting trends appear when comparing these numbers to our PCT filing data for 2009.  China reasserts itself as the top destination for inovia’s clients, with Japan holding steady and Korea gaining 2% in popularity. Europe saw a 2% decrease in filings from our clients.  Could this be a reflection of the high expenses of filing in the EPO coupled with the global economic downturn?   

Stay tuned for a future post with the top national phase entry destinations by industry sector.

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