PCT Regulation Amendments

Amendments to the PCT Regulations were made as of July 1st 2017, which bring forth modifications including:

  • Adding a new obligation for designated Offices to timely send national phase entry and related data to the International Bureau (PCT Rules 86 and 95);
  • Requiring receiving offices to transmit earlier search and/or classification results to the International Searching Authority (PCT Rules 12bis. 23bis and 41)
  • Extending the deadline for requesting supplementary international search from 19 to 22 months from the priority date (PCT Rule 45bis.1)

The PCT Yearly Review reported that international patent applications grew by 7.3% to 233,000 in 2016. Whilst US based innovators have accounted for the highest percentage of this growth for 39 years running, China-based innovators accounted for a substantial amount of overall growth.

With any questions regarding these amendments, please get in contact with your nearest RWS office.


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