Recent and Upcoming Improvements to Chinese IP Protection

Despite its standing as both a massive consumer and manufacturer, China has been regarded by many applicants as a risky patent filing destination due to its historically spotty enforcement of IP rights. However, efforts in recent years have significantly improved China’s IP landscape. Applicants have taken note of these measures and China has become a top filer and recipient of patent applications.

As a result, the Ministry of Commerce reported fewer cases of counterfeit goods from January to April of this year. As stated by Chang Xiaocun, director of the Market Order Department with the Ministry of Commerce, “”We have continued our crack-down efforts since we launched a special law enforcement campaign last year [and] the number of counterfeits is now declining.”

China also recently released its Key Points of Work on Combating Intellectual Property Infringement and the Manufacture and Sales of Counterfeit and Shoddy Commodities Nationwide for 2012. The Key Points outlines proposed efforts by China to target patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret violations for the next year.

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