Morocco Recognizes European Patents as National Patents

Users of the European patent system will soon be able to validate their applications and EPO granted patents outside the European Patent Organization. Morocco will become the first non-member country of the EPO to validate the legal effects of a European patent on its territory, beginning March 1, 2015. 

According to EPO President Battistelli, “This is a historic step for the European patent system, and it brings to 41 the number of countries for which patent protection can be obtained simultaneously with a single European patent application.”

Starting March 1, 2015, those individuals and companies filing a European patent application will be able to request validation for Morocco against the payment of a fee. European applications will have the same legal effects there as Moroccan ones and will be subjected to Moroccan patent law.

President Battistelli went on to say, “Morocco’s strategic vision with regard to building up a national patent system that is firmly anchored in the international system.” This will surely strengthen the economic benefits of the Moroccan patent system and increase the attractiveness for foreign companies and individuals to invest in the territory. 


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