Researchers of the Month: April 2016
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Researchers of the Month: April 2016

We are delighted to announce the Researchers of the Month for April 2016. Congratulations to these five outstanding Researchers!  researchers1

Msgiddy (Top Researcher of the Month) – Msgiddy won all seven of the completed ExpertSearch Studies she joined in April. Aside from her wins in private Studies, she also earned In-Scope Rewards in recently closed public Studies.

Amytexas13 – Amytexas13 is a relatively new Researcher who has made a mark in recent State of the Art and Survey Studies. The Researcher was one of the winners in a public Study and received an In-Scope Reward for another.

Ggp1989 – Ggp1989 won all four ExpertSearch Studies he accepted in April. He has remained active in different types of Studies and has picked up Rewards in both public Studies such as CrowdSearch and private Studies such as CrowdSearch Mini.

Rrstumpf – Rrstumpf won six of 11 ExpertSearch Studies he joined in April. Since the Reward structure update in February, Rrstumpf has ranked fourth in terms of Rewards earned after winning half of the ExpertSearch Studies he has joined so far.

Yuyuc – Yuyuc ranks third in terms of ExpertSearch Rewards since the Reward structure change in February. He won seven ExpertSearch Studies in April and maintains impressive in-scope percentages for both public and private Study submissions.

As the Top Researcher of the Month, Msgiddy will receive a $500 Reward. The remaining four Researchers of the Month will each receive $50.

Every month, we will select five Researchers who have consistently conducted exemplary research as demonstrated by their Study wins, in-scope percentage, and the quality of their submissions. At the end of the year, we will select the Researcher of the Year from among the Researchers recognized each month – this winning Researcher will receive a $1,000 Reward.