Researchers of the Month: March 2016
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Researchers of the Month: March 2016

We are delighted to announce the Researchers of the Month for March 2016. Congratulations to these five outstanding Researchers! researchers1

Invincible (Top Researcher of the Month) Invincible clinched the top recognition for March with his balanced high-quality participation in both public and private Studies. He won two CrowdSearch Validity Studies and four out of the five ExpertSearch Studies he accepted.

Bhaskar_K – Earlier this year, we introduced In-Scope Rewards in CrowdSearch Studies.  In the first batch of completed Studies with this Reward structure, Bhaskar_K emerged as the Researcher with the highest number of $50 payments for in-scope submissions. Having participated as an Expert for the first time last month, he also won two of the three ExpertSearch Studies he joined.

Immortalip007 – A new Researcher who registered on March 9, Immortalip007 sent his first submission the following day. That submission eventually won the Study less than a month after he registered.

Pavan9610 – Pavan9610 is among our most reliable Experts. Among the Experts who completed at least five ExpertSearch Studies in March, he is tied with Invincible for the highest win rate (80%).

Tanguero – Tanguero picked up a CS Validity win and a number of In-Scope Rewards on his way to his first Researcher of the Month recognition. Whether you look at his past 50 submissions or his responses in the last 12 months, Tanguero’s in-scope percentage has remained consistently above 50%.

As the Top Researcher of the Month, Invincible will receive a $500 Reward. The remaining four Researchers of the Month will each receive $50.

Every month, we will select five Researchers who have consistently conducted exemplary research as demonstrated by their Study wins, in-scope percentage, and the quality of their submissions.  At the end of the year, we will select the Researcher of the Year from among the Researchers recognized each month – this winning Researcher will receive a $1,000 Reward.