Researchers of the Month:  March 2017
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Researchers of the Month: March 2017

We are delighted to announce the Researchers of the Month for March 2017. Congratulations to these five outstanding Researchers!

HyperInfo – A bilingual English & French Canadian researcher since 2015, hit the Claims Mapping Studies hard. He submitted references to 45 studies within the reviewed time period; had 8 Product Evidence of Use Study Wins, 1 Standards Evidence of Use Study Win as well as earning 3 In-Scope Awards in CrowdSearch Studies.  He has a 74% NPL In-Scope percentage.   His performance in the Evidence of Use Studies has moved him up the leaderboard to number X in this year’s earnings. (Top Researcher of the Month)

Siddhidatri – Continues to be a high performing researcher in a variety of AOP Studies.  She had Study Wins and In-Scope awards across multiple study types; CrowdSearches, ExpertSearches, and Evidence of Use.  She successfully mapped both Standards and Products in the Claims Mapping projects.

Jbepcorp1 – Consistently participates in both public and private studies.  In this time period he had 4 Study wins; 3 In-Scope Awards.  His wins and awards came from submitting a variety of responses, US and foreign patents and NPL.  He also maintains an In-Scope percent in the high 60s.

Ggp1989 – Is an AOP veteran researcher.  He mixes his participation among CrowdSearch, Expert and Evidence of Use studies. His CrowdSearch Win was a NPL response. Approximately 70% of his total submissions are NPL.

Rsnolan – Wants to participate in private studies.  In order to do so, he had to improve his In-Scope percentage to 40% or above.  He achieved this goal by submitting high quality responses to public studies. We are pleased to report that he has two private study wins, a CrowdSearch Mini and ExpertStudy.  He also and scooped up some In-Scope awards in the process.

As the Top Researcher of the Month, Hyperinfo will receive a $500 Reward. The remaining four Researchers of the Month will each receive $50.