Researchers of the Month: November 2017

Researchers of the Month: November 2017

We are delighted to announce the Researchers of the Month for November 2017. Congratulations to these five outstanding Researchers!

Preet (Top Researcher) – Preet participates in various studies across the board, using her analytical and search skills to find high-quality submissions.

Plusip – Plusip participates in a variety of study categories such as Communications Technology, Consumer Goods and others.

Siddhidatri – Siddhidatri is a long time and consistent high performing researcher in a variety of AOP Studies, and was even a Featured Researcher this year.

DrHrudaya – DrHrudaya maintained an In-Scope percentage for this month of 63%.

Bhaskar_K – Bhaskar_K participates in a variety of Crowdsource, Market Study and Validity searches.

As the Top Researcher of the Month, Preet will receive a $500 Reward. The remaining four Researchers of the Month will each receive $50.