Researchers of the Month: September 2017

Researchers of the Month: September 2017

We are delighted to announce the Researchers of the Month for September 2017. Congratulations to these five outstanding Researchers!

Deepa 1910 (Top Researcher) – A Researcher since 2013, Deepa1910’s latest Study win was in the Manufacturing and Engineering category.

Hyperinfo – Hyperinfo, who has been a Featured Researcher in the past, consistently participates in and wins Studies throughout the year.

Preet – Preet participates in a variety of State of the Art, Validity, and Crowdsource studies.

Plusip – A new Researcher, Plusip participates in a variety of study categories such as Communications Technology, Consumer Goods and others.

Invincible – A veteran Researcher, Invincible had one of the highest In-Scope percentages for this month at 78%.

As the Top Researcher of the Month, Deepa 1910 will receive a $500 Reward. The remaining four Researchers of the Month will each receive $50.