Results from inovia’s 2012 U.S. IP Trends Survey

Today we announced the release of our 3rd annual report, The 2012 U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator, which is available for download here.

The report is the result of a survey of150 U.S. companies and universities conducted both quantitatively through an online survey and qualitatively with follow-up interviews among a select cross section of respondents. Organizations spanned industries and ranged from small enterprises filing a single patent family to multinational organizations filing more than 100 patent families in 2011. All survey participants are involved in the IP strategy and patent filing activity of their organization, with job functions ranging from patent manager, to general counsel and up to executive leadership positions.

Key findings from this year’s survey include:

  • Budget cuts are lessening. Less than half of respondents are working on a reduced IP budget going into 2012 (compared to nearly two-thirds of respondents in last year’s survey).
  • U.S. patent holders are being more strategic about their approach to foreign filing with an eye for keeping IP costs low. 16% of respondents brought in-house or outsourced foreign patent filing in 2011 (compared to 4% in 2010).
  • Patent reform will be the driving trend in 2012. More than half of respondents believe that the defining trend for IP professionals in 2012 will be USPTO reform.

Click here for access to the full report.   You can also read the full press release on the announcement.

Please note: If you’re interested in participating in next year’s research project, please send me an email and I’ll make sure to include you.


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