Rule 3: Ace the patent application process

Rule 3 of 7

Sometimes it is not only what you do right but what you don’t do wrong that counts!

Plan your decision-making and funding processes to ensure instructions are sent well ahead of deadlines. This will avoid translation urgency fees, and late fees for submitting executed powers of attorney and assignments (where required).

In some cases, translation surcharges can add 50-100% to the associates’ fees for lodging an application, so it is really important to get instructions sent as early as feasible.

Similarly, review the application to determine whether significant savings can be made in particular countries. For example, Europe, the USA and some other countries have per claim fees for each claim above a certain number. Reducing the number of claims may save a significant amount of money, even if the foreign associate charges you to make the amendment (which may be the case if entering the national phase from a PCT application). Is every claim in your application important, or are some just “filler”?

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