Rule 4: Choose a foreign filing service that’s on your side

Rule 4 of 7

Many patent applicants and attorneys don’t realize that there is choice available as to who to use for the foreign-filing component of the patent process. The emergence of specialist foreign patent filing providers utilizing technology and purchasing power has created significant efficiencies that translate into cost and time savings for patent applicants.

Whilst much of the work associated with foreign filings is administrative, it’s still worth checking that the organization you choose is run by patent attorneys. They can provide an extra level of oversight, identifying potential issues and helping smooth minor matters at the most cost effective time.

It’s also important that they allow you to keep your local attorney in the loop. Your patent attorney drafted the patent application, and no-one knows your invention and business better than him or her. Any foreign filing service should encourage you to keep them involved.

There may be similar cost-saving opportunities in areas such as annuities and patent searching.

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds


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