4 Global Adventures to Celebrate Earth Day Without Leaving Your Desk
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4 Global Adventures to Celebrate Earth Day Without Leaving Your Desk

4 Global Adventures to Celebrate Earth Day Without Leaving Your Desk

Earth_Day_Desk_VacationAs we are reminded today to consider our massive energy footprints, wasteful water usage, and the accelerating rate of extinction, let’s take a moment to celebrate Earth Day from another perspective: how lucky we are to have the opportunity to travel the world and get to know its diverse beauty and cultures.

We’ve collected four creative tourism videos to infuse your Earth Day with appreciation for the planet — and perhaps a bit of wanderlust.

Desination Marketing is Booming

While much of the Northern Hemisphere was buried in snow and ice, the global tourism industry continued to remind us that the world has more to offer than hot cocoa and Snuggies and a monthly subscription to Netflix. According to Statista, travel and tourism contribute $7.58 trillion USD to the global economy. Of the top 10 countries spending the most on international tourism, the U.S. spends more than twice what France does ($83.5 billion and $37.2 respectively), but is still in just the number three position, according to TheRichest.com. The highest? China, spending $102 billion USD.

Whether you have the tourism pull of Paris or of Memphis, it pays to remind people that, at the end of the day, nothing quite restores the spirit like a little vacation time. According the the Destination & Travel Foundation, U.S. states and cities invested nearly $2 billion in destination marketing. Trillions are spent worldwide in print and television advertising and, increasingly and dramatically, in the and social media space.

Save the Americans

Costa Rica pulled none of its punches to the gut with this ad, created by 22squared. In the video, shots of clearly distressed and depressed cubicle workers are juxtaposed with footage of colorful animals, lush jungles, and beautiful beaches. And just so you really get the point that you need to get yourself to Costa Rica, the animals are all singing about how miserable it is working the 9-to–5. “Your job is working you.” Oof.

In the jungle, the concrete jungle never looked so very sad. Do what the singing sloth tells you, Americans, and take some time away.





Those of you who prefer a colder and quieter climate for your vacation destination will readily appreciate the charm of this ad, created by Leo Burnett Schweiz AG for Switzerland’s national tourism authority. While the cubicles may be absent, that’s not enough for the bearded heroes of this story. The pair stroll, ski, and sled their way across the country’s wintry landscape, collecting up clocks along the journey. Whether wristwatch or church tower clock, everything has to go.

The bottom line for this “get natural” series: clocks create artificial stress. And who has time for that?


The Original Cool

While Earth Day celebrations may turn your mind to the kinds of escapes that Costa Rica and Switzerland promote, Holland’s tourism campaign merely nods at its flower farms and canals, instead casting the spotlight on everything that’s chic and urbane about Dutch culture.

Indeed, the whole focus — a creation of Mustache Agency in New York — is a “been there, done that” take on what’s trending in American culture these days, from artisinal foods and fitness to green energy and the arts. And then there’s the plug for the country’s bilingualism (starting at 0:50).

“By the way, did you notice that I am speaking English?” asks our tour guide. “We all do.”

What do you know about Holland? Not a lot apparently. Better pack your bags.


I Hate Thailand

“I Hate Thailand” starts off looking like a video selfie Facebook rant about a miserable experience abroad, it is in fact an unbranded ad created by Leo Burnett Thailand for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Our young narrator is James and his bag has gone missing, so he’s feeling rightly angry and upset about it until … well, until he gets to experience the real Thailand, a place of beautiful views and kind people.



Have your own favorites from international tourism? Add them in the comments below. And, please, enjoy the rest of your journey.