9 Strong Female Voices in the Localization Industry
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9 Strong Female Voices in the Localization Industry

9 Strong Female Voices in the Localization Industry

Women in Localization

A number of women stand out as thought leaders in our industry. They are world travelers, philanthropists, PhDs, and multilinguals. They are active in the translation community, often with board positions at non-profits or leadership positions in industry organizations. They are localization veterans—proving that once you get into this fascinating and fast-moving field, you’re passionate about it and never want to leave. Most share the vision of making information available worldwide for both business and humanitarian purposes.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are nine women to watch.

  1. Nataly Kelly is the VP of International Operations and Strategy at HubSpot. Her industry tenure is 21 years. She is a writer cited and published in the Boston Globe, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, and Huffington Post, and a frequent speaker at events and conferences on topics related to the industry. She also sits on the editorial board of MultiLingual Magazine. She blogs frequently for HubSpot and you can read more about her on her own website.
  2. Donna Parrish, a localization veteran of over 15 years, is a board member for Translators without Borders, a co-organizer of LocWorld, and the publisher of the flagship industry publication, MultiLingual Magazine. Follow her and MultiLingual magazine on Twitter.
  3. Anna Schlegel is the Senior Director of Globalization Programs and Information Strategy at NetApp and has been in the industry for over 20 years. She co-founded Women In Localization, an organization that fosters “a global community for the advancement for women and the localization industry.” She also wrote a well-received book titled “Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets”. She tweets from this handle.
  4. Anne-Marie Colliander Lind is a translation industry business consultant focused on growth strategies, sales coaching and training, and social media. She is the president of the Swedish Association Companies, Marketing Director at LocWorld, helps organize the annual Nordic Translation Industry Forum, and runs Inkrea.se, a consulting and services company specializing in the language services industry. A 20-year loc veteran, she can also be found on Twitter.
  5. Françoise Bajon has run Version internationale, a translation services company, for over 25 years. She volunteers with the European Language Industry Association (ELIA)—a non-profit industry networking and training organization—as the president, and for LIND-web, which provides access to important information on the industry for language professionals, EU institutions, and localization stakeholders. ELIA and Françoise are both on Twitter.
  6. Lori Thicke is the founder and CEO of Lexcelera, a translation company established in Paris, France, in 1986. Following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Lori decided to create Translators without Borders as a non-profit to better respond to global crises. Lori is a frequent speaker on how translation and technology work together to take down language barriers. You can find her on Twitter here.
  7. Izabel Souza is an academic and industry expert. She has worked as an interpreter educator, executive, and researcher for language access in the healthcare field. She was also President and Executive Director of the IMIA, the International Medical Interpreters Association, the largest and oldest organization supporting medical interpreters. She has taught at Boston University, Cambridge College, and is currently a PhD candidate at Osaka University.
  8. Iris Orriss serves as Director of Internationalization at Facebook, with a focus on growing Facebook in international markets in over 100 local languages. Prior to Facebook, Iris was a director at Microsoft working on product internationalization and development processes. She is a board member for Translators without Borders. She speaks four languages.
  9. Clio Schils has more than 20 years of experience in the language industry, with a deep focus on Life Sciences. She has worked for Sajan, Medtronic, and Lionbridge. Currently, she works at Commit and serves on the Board of Directors of the European Language Industry Association. She has been moderating the Life Sciences Business Round Table since 2005. Clio holds a Master’s degree in interpretation, is fluent in Greek, German, Dutch, and English, and is functional in French. An active Tweeter, you can see her posts here.

These women, passionate about removing language barriers through translation, interpretation, and localization, have an undeniably strong voice in our industry. Follow them and their organizations to keep up with the substantial contributions they are making in our global world.