Artificial Intelligence and Standardization: Notes from the Field
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Artificial Intelligence and Standardization: Notes from the Field

Since we published our blog post Why You Should Pay Attention to SC 42, the Global Standards Committee on Artificial Intelligence, the landscape has evolved. And because we believe that the initiative is important and relevant to the entire globalization ecosystem, we’d like to give you a brief update from “the field,” courtesy of standardization advocate and frequent RWS Moravia collaborator David Filip.

In a nutshell: Participation in SC 42 is growing as the initiative continues to make progress. It’s a good time to get involved.

The second plenary

The second plenary (all-participant meeting) for SC 42 took place at Google’s premises in Sunnyvale, California, October 8-12. There were over 140 delegates in attendance this time, compared to the first plenary which took place in Beijing and had 87 delegates. Interest appears to be growing.

SC42 Second Plenary Delegates

Figure 1 – Delegates from the second plenary for SC 42.

And demonstrable progress has been made. A few study groups have evolved to become working groups, including the group on Trustworthiness (WG 3) and the group on Use cases and applications (WG 4).

RWS Moravia has a hand in both.

Maribel Rodriguez, linguistic quality automation maven, has been contributing to the use cases and David Filip (whose standardization work we proudly co-sponsor) is serving as the official Convenor of the Trustworthiness group.

Three technical reports and one International Standard related to risk management (under ballot) have been commissioned so far as part of the work around trustworthiness.

“An important area of focus has been bias prevention in AI-assisted decision-making,” said Filip. “In the US, for example, law enforcement is interested in using AI systems to make better and faster decisions, but these systems are fed with crime data which could contain racial bias. How do you keep such systems from reinforcing prejudices?”

You can find more details about what SC 42 has produced so far on the initiative’s home page.

Third plenary coming up

The third plenary will take place in Dublin April 8th-12th, 2019, and will be co-organized by the National Standards Authority of Ireland and the ADAPT Research Centre. Industry sponsors include Microsoft, Citigroup and IBM so far.

If you’ll be in the area but aren’t a delegate, you may want to participate in one of the outreach events that will take place, including the outreach breakfast(s) with SC 42 leadership.

Why again might you want to get involved?

AI has been and continues to be important to the language industry, but there’s no guarantee that it will evolve to reflect our collective best interests. By participating in AI standards now, we can help direct the future and ensure that AI continues to benefit our industry while reflecting our values.

ISO’s recruitment page lives here. We also discussed ways to get involved in our previous post.