Stave Off Autumn Blues with Moravia’s Hottest Summer Blog Posts
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Stave Off Autumn Blues with Moravia’s Hottest Summer Blog Posts

Stave Off Autumn Blues with Moravia’s Hottest Summer Blog Posts

When you were off on summer vacation, we were publishing some of our most popular blog posts of the year, on topics ranging from website translation fails, Spanglish, program centralization, and insights for global retail — plus many others. Don’t bother digging through your inbox: we’ve assembled all the hottest links right here. 

6 Brazilian Portuguese Words That Do Not Translate in Portugal

Just as English varies around the globe, Brazilian Portuguese has more than a few vocabulary distinctions that raise eyebrows in the streets of Lisbon. Check them out here.

Internet Trends 2015 Report: Translation Remains a Must for Global Business

Smart businesses have access to potential customers around the world, but they must bridge the language gap to reach them.

LSP Who’s Who: Meet Your Localization Vendor’s Core Team

If you’re working with an LSP, the translation process shouldn’t be a mystery. Here’s your guide to the key roles on your localization vendor’s team that are responsible for getting your files translated and ready to launch in accordance with your quality standards.

LSP Who’s Who: Localization Roles Supporting Complex Programs

Successful localization programs always get more complicated: More content volumes, content types, and target languages. They require support from these four specialized, highly experienced localization roles.

#FAIL: It’s Not the Website Translation, It’s the Marketing

Why do website translation failures only seem to plague newly global companies — but not their more experienced counterparts? This series examines the most common reasons, starting with website marketing.

#FAIL: 5 Usability Issues That Drive Down ROI in Website Localization

Site usability challenges may impede global visitors from ever finding the right site version. Let’s explore these surprisingly simple, all-too-common user experience failures that drive down the ROI of website localization.

Local is Global: Retail Takeaways from Uniqlo’s Re-Tailored Global Brand

Uniqlo had to learn how to adapt for global markets, and its brand reinvention holds useful lessons for other aspiring global retailers.

How to Centralize Your Localization Program in 7 Steps

Seven must-do tasks for localization centralization to achieve better pricing, visibility, accountability and quality control.

10 Steps to Manage Global Brand and Voice With a Localized Style Guide

Style guides are indispensible tools that help translators recreate your global brand voice in local markets. They ensure consistency within a given brand.

Intimate Outsourcing: 5 Ways Outsourced Translation Beats In-House

Intimacy and convenience are two of the biggest reasons global companies like having an in-house translation team — at least until the program becomes too unwieldy.

Mandarin Or Cantonese? The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Hong Kong

Cantonese is a powerful link between the population and its heritage. Businesses wishing to succeed in the region must take this into account.

How Spanglish Translates in Spanish Markets

All Spanish-speaking markets use some degree of Spanglish — and will continue to do so as technology evolves — but context and target demographics may influence your exact terminology choices.