Best Practices for Getting Paid [Podcast]
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Best Practices for Getting Paid [Podcast]

Best Practices for Getting Paid [Podcast]

Unless you’re doing it for your own personal satisfaction, or possibly as a favor for someone you know, no one wants to work without getting paid. It’s just as true in the language industry as it is in any other business.

But if you’re a translator, getting paid can be much harder than it is in many (maybe even most) other industries. You’re often dealing with dozens of different currencies, diverse cultural norms, wire-service commissions, and other obstacles that whittle away your profits.

That’s why you need to know more about Eve Lindemuth Bodeux. Eve has been a French to English translator and an independent project manager for more than 20 years. She is one of the world’s leading experts on how translators can get paid fairly—and optimally—for their work.

In this week’s episode of Globally Speaking, Eve joins hosts Renato Beninatto and M.W. Stevens to discuss best practices every translator and language-services professional should follow to get paid fairly, in a timely manner, and without hidden costs.

Major topics include:

  • How foreign exchange companies can lower costs—and headaches
  • The payment pitfalls that all translators should avoid
  • Why even one-person shops can reap the benefits of smart payment planning
  • Automatic clearing houses (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • When does it make financial sense to decline a job?
  • And more

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