Not Going to Localization World? No Problem! Watch This Space
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Not Going to Localization World? No Problem! Watch This Space

Not Going to Localization World? No Problem! Watch This Space

Localization WorldLocalization World 2013, in the Silicon Valley, starts today with preconferences. I will be there with a handful of my colleagues. This is always a conference I enjoy; I come home excited about our industry and clients. This conference allows localization professionals – vendors and buyers – to meet and network and learn what’s going on in the industry in sessions or in direct conversations with the smartest people in this space.

Some high-powered experts are asked to speak each year – CEOs, computer scientists, technologists, linguists, globalization strategists, program managers – and their contribution to the industry via this conference is undeniably valuable. Everyone leaves edified and energized.

The localization landscape changes so quickly and we must all respond to that; Localization World gives us the chance to put those change factors on the table, and allows us to start a dialog about understanding and solving those challenges. In fact, this year’s conference title is: Localization in a Shifting Global Economy.

What am I excited to learn about this year? Just a few highlights include:

  • How Google does it
  • Community translation
  • MT and other CAT tools, including cloud translation platforms
  • Global brand execution
  • Gaming in the Arabic speaking world

It will be great to meet up with current and potential clients, colleagues (two of whom I have never met in person), and old colleagues. It is a highly social event, where conversations start and connections are solidified.

I am planning to blog and tweet about what I’m learning and experiencing while at the conference. You can follow @MoraviaWW and #LocWorld on Twitter.

 Are you going? What are you looking forward to?