Who’s Who at the Localization Summit — Game Developers Conference #GDC14 #GameDev
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Who’s Who at the Localization Summit — Game Developers Conference #GDC14 #GameDev

Who’s Who at the Localization Summit — Game Developers Conference #GDC14 #GameDev

Game Developers ConferenceGame developers with independent and major gaming companies are in San Francisco this week for the Game Developers Conference. Because game localization is a vital part of global demand for gaming the conference annually hosts the Localization Summit. During the full day’s intense sessions, gaming translation and localization professionals discuss the how, what, and why of multilingual game publishing.

Gaming localization is “responsible for half of the industry’s total revenue stream,” according to the IGDA Game Localization SIG, the sponsor of the pre-conference summit. You’ll want to check out their guide on Best Practices for Game Localization (PDF), which was written by Richard Honeywood and edited by Jon Fung.

We couldn’t all be there for yesterday’s sessions, of course. But our industry colleagues are and, thankfully, they’re tweeting, blogging, and otherwise keeping us all abreast of the industry’s hot topics. Below is our handy Twitter guide. Follow, follow, follow. Share, share, share.

Localization Summit Advisors

Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino
Professor, University of Roehampton, London
Collaborator, Routes into Languages @Routesintolangs

Fabio Minazzi
Binari Sonori @Binari_Sonori

Indie Games Localization, Costs

Jonas Waever
Creative Director
Logic Artists @LogicArtists

Belén Agulló García
Language Production Manager

Indie Game Localization, Brazil

Arthur Protasio @arthurprotasio
Writer, Narrative Designer & Researcher
IGDA Rio de Janeiro

Bruno Campagnolo de Paula @bcp
Professor, PUCPR, Curitiba
Global Game Jam @globalgamejam

See their presentation below.

Game Localization, China

Shaun Newcomer
Vice President
Reality Squared Games @R2Games

Games Localization, Latin America

Alejandro Gonzalez
CEO, Studio Director
Brainz @BrainzGames

Martina Santoro
Okam Studio @okamstudio

Gaming Localization Tools

Christopher Burgess
LAMS Project Manager
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe @SCEEBlog and PlayStation.Blog

Crowdsourcing Gaming Localization

Johnnemann Nordhagen @johnnemann
The Fullbright Company @fullbright

Machine Translation and Gaming Localization

Michaela Bartelt
Senior Director of Worldwide Localization
Electronic Arts @EA

Michel Buch Andersen
Director of Business Development
Pole To Win International @PoleToWinIntl

Declan Groves @DexalDec
Linguistic Engineer

Kirti Vashee @kvashee
VP of Enterprise Translation
Asia Online

Beatrice Compagnon
Vienna Group International

Mike Dillinger
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

The Future of Localization Testing

Nadine Martin
Senior Manager of Test Operations
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe PlayStation Forums

Did we miss some folks? We tried not to, but you can help by sharing their Twitter handle in the comments.