Top 10 Blog Posts So Far This Year
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Top 10 Blog Posts So Far This Year

Top 10 Blog Posts So Far This Year

Here are the Moravia Blog posts that were most popular with our readers during the first quarter of 2014. Did you miss any? If so, check them out below.

The Next Big Thing1. Translation / Localization Industry Forecast 2014

Given Moravia’s unique position supporting the world’s top brands in technology and life sciences, we get deep insight into the trends shaping our industry. We’re seeing and hearing three key topics driving conversations about global growth in 2014. To be cool, learn these new buzzwords: Content Curation, Spoken Translation, and Mass Personalization.


 Google Translate2. Google Translate Sucks (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

The Google Translate site gets a gazillion hits per day from more than 200 million users worldwide. The user number doesn’t even approach the number who are otherwise using Google Translate’s resources off site. There’s a clear communication need that this tool fulfills. Rather than focusing on its limitations we’re better off for seeing that.


WhatsApp3. WhatsApp: Key Facts on Acquisition and Localization

Facebook rocked the tech and business spheres with news that it had laid down a record $19 billion USD to acquire WhatsApp, a giant in the mobile messaging space. Here’s a quick roundup on WhatsApp — what it is, what it offers, why it is essential for Facebook’s global market strategy, and how they went about localizing their app into 35 languages.


America the Beautiful4. On Multilingual Translation It’s America the Beautiful…and the Ugly

We don’t know of a translation industry professional who doesn’t love when global brands show off their multilingual commitment. So HURRAH to the Coca-Cola marketing team for using Monday night’s Super Bowl show to highlight the linguistic diversity of the United States.


How to Hire the Right Translator5. How to Hire the Right Translator

… because you have neither the time nor the money to waste on choosing the wrong person for your translation jobs.



Translation Tech Roundup, March 2014 Edition6. Translation Tech Roundup, March 2014 Edition

Facebook’s grab of WhatsApp was just one slice of the multilingual mobile pie. Read more on the latest translation technology developments. Google’s back, of course, with more additions to its own multilingual tools. Microsoft makes sure there’s no Bing left behind. Then there’s nation-specific initiatives making the language tech news.


Online Translation Portals: What's In It For You?7. Online Translation Portals: What’s In It For You?

Online portals have come a long way, evolving to meet varying client needs. Here we summarize the major features of current portals and the benefits they may bring your company such as consolidation, process improvement, and automation.


nternationalization (i18n): 4 Services You Should Consider [Cliff Notes]8. Internationalization (i18n): 4 Services You Should Consider [Cliff Notes]

If you are new to localization, or if you consider yourself a non-technical localization professional, here’s internationalization explained to you.


Localization Buzzwords: Vapid or Valid?9. Localization Buzzwords: Vapid or Valid?

Let’s revisit and clarify the meanings of three of the most common localization buzzwords. Each is a trap, a concept made too facile, without a full understanding of the valid concept beneath it. They are integration, automation, and process optimization.



Video Localization: Should You Do Voiceovers or Subtitles?10. Video Localization: Should You Do Voiceovers or Subtitles?

If your videos are monolingual and if you have a global product then you should consider expanding your market by localizing it. There are two choices: subtitle your video or replace your English audio track with an audio track in the target language.


Is there a topic you would like to learn more about? Share your idea below, and we will be back with our perspective on what is close to your heart or mind!