Forecast 2018: What’s Ahead for the Language Industry [Podcast]
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Forecast 2018: What’s Ahead for the Language Industry [Podcast]

Forecast 2018: What’s Ahead for the Language Industry [Podcast]

This past year has been one of huge changes in the language industry. The aggressive expansion of Neural Machine Translation. The continuing rise of remote interpretation. The increasing importance of long-tail languages. The unprecedented advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

And, of course, countless more changes that impacted our industry in 2017.

But what about the year that lies ahead? Will 2018 be as dynamic as this past year, or will there be an even greater paradigm shift? 

Our hosts Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens share their predictions for what lies ahead in the coming year. Some of their forecasts won’t surprise you, some probably will, but all of them are relevant to LSPs, translators, tech companies and anyone else involved in the language industry.

Globally Speaking RadioMajor topics include:

  • The short-term outlook for Neural Machine Translation
  • Why demand for translation services will continue to grow
  • How a new generation of translators and other language professionals will impact our industry
  • The increasing focus on collaboration
  • The skyrocketing need for linguistic and localization talent

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