How Do Cultural Codes Affect Business? [Podcast]
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How Do Cultural Codes Affect Business? [Podcast]

You may think that the word “coffee” represents a well understood, universal concept. But you’d be wrong. And you may think that “seduction” is a term that has the same connotation in all cultures. Nope.

Same with perfection, mistakes, and quality—concepts that can be critical in business.

In this episode of Globally Speaking, Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, the founder and CEO of Archetype Discoveries, talks about how context is essential when identifying what concepts really mean to people in different cultures, and how those learnings change how you approach business.

Globally Speaking RadioDr. Rapaille covers topics like:

  • Why he takes people back to their childhood to really understand a word or concept
  • How the concepts of ‘perfect’ and ‘quality’ affect business
  • Why it’s better to ‘speak culture’ than to speak another language
  • Why the context of words is critical in business
  • How to identify what roles to give people in a multicultural team

Tune in here to learn how culture, context and meaning can affect your global business.

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Dr Clotaire RapailleAbout Dr. Clotaire Rapaille

Dr. Rapaille holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He is a prolific author and consultant and the founder and CEO of Archetype Discoveries. Archetype Discoveries uses a unique combination of psychology, cultural anthropology, biology and advanced learning theories to uncover hidden cultural forces and unspoken or unrecognized needs that determine how a culture will behave and react towards a specific concept, service or product.


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