How Moravia Fits into the RWS Family
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How Moravia Fits into the RWS Family

On 18 October 2017, Moravians discovered that we’d found a new home in RWS, a public life sciences translation and IP services company. We didn’t know much about RWS at the time, but in the days and weeks that followed our acquisition, we discovered the strong reputation RWS has earned among its clients. We were intrigued by RWS’s consistent strong organic growth bolstered by key strategic acquisitions.

In the context of any major ownership change, employees and clients rightly ask whether and how much the core purpose of the company will change. Moravians are no different: we find passion in our purpose—and our passion drives amazingly flexible, creative and reliable services for our clients every day.  Suffice it to say, we were eager to understand what the acquisition would mean.

So, a year ago, we began the journey that introduced us to the vast RWS organization and gave us the chance to explore how these two puzzle pieces fit together. We sought to understand what this change would mean for us and our clients.

RWS strengths

Over the last several months, we have gained respect what our colleagues in other RWS divisions have brought to enhance our offerings. Simply put, we can deliver more value to our clients now. The other RWS divisions bring us:

  • A vast geographic footprint—making it easier to do business in the countries where our clients need us.
  • A significantly larger supply chain of specialized, experienced linguists and partner agencies.
  • A more attractive corporate profile for large clients seeking stable, matured, diversified partners.
  • Expertise in services that complement our client programs, such as international and multilingual patent research and filing.
  • Experience of both rapid organic growth and acquisitions
  • A like-minded approach to our client-centric, quality-obsessed client programs.

Yin meets Yang

But the process of integration has also inspired Moravians to reflect on our own strengths and take pride in the other half of the story: what Moravia brings to RWS.

  • End-to-end solutions: We deliver the full breadth of services you’d expect from a top-ranked globalization services provider, complementing RWS’s niche offerings.
  • Clientele: We serve some of the world’s most highly regarded brands, including 8 of Fortune’s Top 20 Most Admired Companies.
  • Precision: Moravia has expertise optimizing processes for budget and time constraints without compromising the client’s expectations of quality.
  • Innovation: While other LSPs have been building and pushing “one-size-fits-all” software platforms, we have been solving highly specific challenges nimbly—without reinventing any wheels—focusing precious time, talent and budget on true innovation.
  • Data-driven insight: Because we consider ourselves strategic partners with our clients, we relentlessly mine data to uncover hidden opportunities—and waste—within and beyond our client programs, yielding rich insights that drive ROI.

United in purpose

Moravians worldwide have settled into our new home at RWS with confidence and pride, and we are excited to claim our new identity: RWS Moravia.

Whether we’re localizing software, translating drug labels, reworking brand campaigns to resonate with local markets or protecting intellectual property around the world, RWS is helping organizations and individuals connect in ways they simply couldn’t without us.

Among those of us Moravians who have had the chance to work alongside our new colleagues within other RWS divisions, the differences in our corporate profiles have proven irrelevant to our common purpose.

Our combined 2,400+ employees share a strong drive to wake up each morning and shatter the linguistic and cultural boundaries that complicate global commerce, and that’s what our clients can continue to count on.

Check out our new website here.  

Robert Jelenic is our Global Director of Marketing.