How to Combine Content Strategy with Localization [Podcast]
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How to Combine Content Strategy with Localization [Podcast]

How to Combine Content Strategy with Localization [Podcast]

From a global perspective, the worlds of content creation and localization are symbiotic. Effective communication simply can’t happen on a global scale without both disciplines completely aligned.

When content is strategically sound, on target, and optimally structured from a technical and marketing point of view, its entire value can still be lost if there is a discrepancy between what works in one language and what fails in another.

And that is exactly what happens time and again when localization concerns and core language priorities aren’t integrated into the content strategy early on—in the content planning process.

In this week’s episode of Globally Speaking, our hosts, Renato Beninatto and M.W. Stevens discuss the marriage between content strategy and localization with Kirsty Taylor, who has been recognized as one of the top 25 content influencers in the world.

Globally Speaking RadioMajor topics include:

  • Why technical writers often need content strategists in addition to localization professionals
  • Why it’s important to pre-establish an agreed-upon content design—and what a “good content design” looks like
  • How to determine the best vehicle for communicating and localizing your content
  • How has strategic content planning changed in recent years?
  • The growing role of “minimal viable content” for mobile devices
  • And much more

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